Scorpions в Алматы



Venue: Cultural space Transforma, Baribayeva 36

Date and time: August 19-20 , 2023

Start: 19:00

Director: Eric Song (America)

The actors: Kamila Mukhametkhan, Ali Amantayevich

Additionally: The performance is in English with Russian subtitles.



If you were given the devilish offer to live forever, would you accept it?

«Ozymandias» is a mind-bending, intense and provocative drama exploring the complex and ambiguous psychology of two immortal men who repeatedly encounter one another throughout history.

This experimental play is the theatrical directorial debut of Eric Song, an American who has been living in Kazakhstan for several years. «Ozymandias» is an English-language play (with Russian subtitles*) that was written specifically for the Kazakhstani audience but modeled after the emotionally demanding and physically exhaustive acting frequently showcased on Broadway in Mr. Song’s birthplace of New York City.

With a cast of only 2 actors, the roles will switch with each performance, leaving audiences wondering…Who is the true Ozymandias?