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Karaman ata Necropolis


Karaman Ata Burial Ground

Karamanat necropolis and underground mosque (XIII-XIX centuries.)

Karamanata necropolis is one of the oldest and largest in Mangystau. According to legend, it is customary to swear at the grave of Karaman ATA for cleansing.

Karaman-Ata appeared in the history of Mangistau Kazakhs as a place of «Karaman-Ata oath». The oath given here was considered sacred and indestructible.

The TIL Gorge is a relatively new tourist attraction, opened a few years ago. It is located about 40 km from the Karaman Ata necropolis. «The tongue is a mountain goat that lives on mountain ranges and rocky areas,one of the subspecies of the saiga» (M. Kashkari, Volume 1, 96).

A unique creation of nature-mountain weaving in an openwork framework, a great place for a photo shoot.