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Maxim Batyrev

Maxim Batyrev

Date of Birth
25.12.1979 (44), Balabanovo

Who by the sign of the zodiac

business, management

Business trainer Maxim Batyrev is one of the Golden Thousand Managers of Russia. The successful manager gained public recognition after he published the trilogy of books "45 Tattoos". The author's bestsellers became the most popular in the category of personal effectiveness and sales. Now he runs his own consulting company, since 2015 he has been lecturing to big entrepreneurs.


Creative Way

In 2002, Maxim came to a meeting with an HR agent hoping to get a job as an engineer. But instead, the candidate was offered to try his hand as a sales manager. Batyrev was accepted after his probationary period. A year later, he became a leader of the firm. After a while, the department headed by Batyrev increased productivity and became the best. Since 2011, the coach has been the head of the company, under his leadership more than two hundred employees. And now Maxim Batyrev is a training specialist, whose meetings are scheduled for 2 years ahead.


Maxim Batyrev: family life

The top business speaker is married and raises 2 children - a son and a daughter. A busy travel schedule does not allow him to spend enough time with loved ones. Batyreva's spouses try to travel together. On days when Maxim is near children, his phone is unavailable.


Interesting facts

  1. He has a number of professional awards, including "Commercial Director of the Year".
  2. Leads a popular financial video blog on Youtube "Kombat Live".
  3. Sleeps 5 hours a day.