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Mikhail Labkovsky

Mikhail Labkovsky

Date of Birth
17.06.1961 (63), Moscow

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Psychologist, lecturer, TV and radio presenter, publicist, lawyer

The popularization of psychology in the modern world is gaining momentum. Writers, philosophers promote personal freedom, teach to accept and love themselves, to become happy. Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky adheres to this concept in his books and public treatises.

Creative Way

The future psychologist in childhood suffered from hyperactivity and attention deficit syndrome, so he immediately decided that he would deal with the problem from a scientific point of view.

As a student, studying at the faculty of general and age psychology, he worked as a janitor in kindergarten and then began to observe the behavior of children, their teachers and parents. At first, after graduating from the institute, he was a teacher at school and then began consulting. Today he conducts lectures and seminars, speaks on the radio, appears as a guest in television programs. Most of Mikhail Labkovsky's master-classes are designed for women who are experiencing difficulties in marriage.

Mikhail Labkovsky: family life

The psychologist prefers not to propagate about himself in the media. It is known that earlier he was married, became the father of Daria's daughter. With his former wife, Labkovsky was able to maintain a friendly relationship.

Interesting facts

  • Helped the ex-wife to choose a new life partner based on her own psychological views.
  • Has a legal education.
  • Labkovsky promotes with his daughter a line of clothes, souvenirs and bags with motivating slogans.