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Aderinsola Eseola

Aderinsola Eseola

Date of Birth
28.06.1991 (33), Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Who by the sign of the zodiac

a football player

Aderinsola Eseola is a forward whose career knows the ups, downs and even the Italian D series.

Athletic Way

Born in a family of Ukrainian and Nigerian. As a child, he did track and field athletics until his father convinced him to go to the football section. In 2004, he got into the sports school of Kyiv "Arsenal", where he gave high hopes and even was called up for the junior team of Ukraine.

In 2010 he decided to go to Italy, where his sister studied and his mother worked - this period was the most ambiguous in the career of Aderinsol Eseol. The statistics of performances in the four teams of Apennines is more than modest - 17 goals in 55 games in four years. The European career had to end due to a lack of EU citizenship. After returning home, he played for Arsenal, Chernihiv's Desna, Alexandria, and Zvezda, but could not become a base player anywhere. In 2018 he moved to "Akzhaiyik" from "Uralsk", and only six months later to "Kairat", with which he took second place in the championship and the race of strikers. In European competitions, he had the best meeting in his career - took a double at the gates of the Dutch AZ.

Aderinsola Eseola: Family Life

Even in Ukraine was in a relationship with a girl named Anna, she gave birth to a football player's daughter Sophia, but young people never married. In 2018 he started an affair with Russian singer Irina Dubtsova. They spent their vacation together in Turkey but soon parted. Now he meets with the Kazakh model Arzhan Zhukasheva. The new lady attends all the matches of Kairat.

Interesting facts

  1. Found unexpected popularity after the video on YouTube channel "Krasava", where he said hello to Evileyeva.
  2. He will never accept an offer from the Russian club, but he doesn't have a conflict with the Russian single-clubbers.
  3. I was seriously fond of motorsports and took part in circuit races, but I'm done with this hobby because of the contract terms.