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Murat Nasyrov

Murat Nasyrov

Date of Birth
13.12.1969, Almaty
Date of death
19.01.2007 (37)

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Star of Murata Nasyrov on the sky of the Russian stage caught fire as fast as it went out. Despite his premature death, the artist remains an idol of millions, a "sunny boy" who gave the world the hits "I am you", "Someone will forgive", "These Moon Nights".

The Creative Way

Murat's parents moved to southern Kazakhstan in 1958 from a small Chinese province. The boy's music was joined by his father, who performed his songs and wrote poems. Even at school age, Murat became interested in the guitar. He mastered the instrument and as a hobby entertained classmates and friends singing melodies "Beatles", Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple.

The young man decided to build his career in Moscow, where he moved immediately after serving in the army. His debut on stage was his participation in the competition "Yalta-91". He sang Alla Pugacheva's composition "The Undertaker Wizard" and attracted the attention of the jury, among which were Igor Krutoy and Laima Vaikule. The composer even expressed his wish to sign the contract, however, Murat Nasyrov wanted to sing only his own composition.  His talent as a writer gave him the opportunity to do so.

Murat Nasyrov: family life

Had an unregistered relationship with Natalia Boyko. Young people met as students. The couple raised two children, Leah and Akima.

Interesting facts

  1. At the dawn of his creative work, he recorded soundtracks for foreign and Russian cartoons.
  2. In 2007 he was going to perform at Eurovision with a new composition.
  3. The cause of death is still unknown, however, relatives consider death to be an accident.
  4. He has never been a member of any band.