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Lubov Uspenskaya

Lubov Uspenskaya

Date of Birth
24.02.1954 (70), Kyiv

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Singer Lubov Uspenska - the queen of chanson, which is known to all compatriots.  For many, her work is associated with the era of the nineties, but the singer continues to tour and delight the audience with new hits.

The creative way

After graduating from the Kyiv musical school named after Glier, Love sang in restaurants. Later, on the advice of friends, she moved to Yerevan, at that time it was a "golden place" for performers. There Uspenskaya became hotly loved, but for her "western style of singing" the Soviet authorities put strong pressure on her, so in 1978 she was forced to leave her native country. Once in the United States, she was invited to perform at the local elite establishment "Sadko".

In 1895 the first album was released - "Favorite". His recording allowed the singer to cooperate with Willie Tokarev and Mikhail Shufutinsky. Disc "Fly, my girl, fly" she dedicated to her daughter. "Clouds", "To the Only Tender" are famous compositions that have been repeatedly nominated for various awards.

This was followed by new compilations and popular songs "Carousel" and "I'm Lost". After the collapse of the USSR, she started touring actively in the CIS. 

In 2014 she sang a duet with Irina Dubtsova "I Love Him too". In 2019, she celebrated her anniversary in a big way, inviting many celebrities.

Lubov Uspenskaya: Family Life

She's a loving woman, a mother, a wife, her life has been ups and downs. She's been married four times. In 1973, two twins were born in marriage to Viktor Shumilovich, who died instantly. From Alexander Plaksin, she had a daughter, Tatiana.

Interesting facts

My father taught me to play the piano, which in the future allowed me to enter a music school.
Uspenskaya was born in prison, her mother died in childbirth, and her grandmother was responsible for her upbringing.
Before emigrating to America, she and her husband lived for a year in Italy and studied the language.
At 18, she could order a hotel and a car.
Cooperation with the poet Ilya Reznik brought the Assumption 18 compositions.
There are common hits with Rosenbaum, Irakli Pirtskhalava, Alexander Marshal, Igor Sarukhanov, Slava, Nastya Kamenskih.