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Zeikenov Imanbek Maratovich

Zeikenov Imanbek Maratovich

Date of Birth
21.10.2000 (23), Aksu city, Pavlodar region

Real name
Zeikenov Imanbek Maratovich

Place of birth
Aksu, Pavlodar region


DJ and musical producer

How to make the whole world talk about you? Kazakhstani DJ Imanbek knows the answer to this question. In one of the interviews he shared an idea, that music first of all should be created for the soul, not for money. And if it is worthwhile, the reward will come.

The creative path

Imanbek's passion for music began when he was a child, because of his father, who instilled in him a love for playing the guitar. In school, Imanbek perfected his skills, but after graduation he went to a railway college instead of a music college. He did not give up music and, as DJ himself says, largely thanks to the support of his parents.

In 2017. Imanbek actively engaged in self-study. He watched thematic videos on YouTube, listened to huge amounts of music in the styles of future bass, deep house, hip-hop and tropical house. He learned how to work with FL Studio software and started making his first remixes.

When Imanbek came across SAINt JHN's song "Roses", he immediately wanted to process it. He liked the original performance of SAINt JHN, skillfully combining reading and singing. But the singer was not impressed with the final version. But he decided to post the track on his page. And he was surprised to see that thousands of people liked the remix in less than a day. The song went viral.

TikTok alone made over 3 million videos to it. It had 150 million views on YouTube and was one of the top five on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. But the triumphal march did not stop there.

In the fall of 2020, Imanbek was nominated for a Grammy for Best Remix, and in March 2021, it won.

Imanbek continues to record remixes, as well as his first solo tracks. His DJ project is successfully touring.

Imanbek: Personal Life

Free. Believes that it is too early to start a relationship, now he is more focused on work.

Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the track he earned more than 55 million tenge.
  2. "Roses" was at No. 1 on the music charts in seven countries.
  3. He worked on the railroad as a signalman.
  4. No plans to move from her hometown.
  5. With the first money he earned, he bought a car.