Расписание кино в Усть-Каменогорске
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Boxing Center. of Serik Sapiev

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Julien Dassin in Karaganda   концерт
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Sultan Laguchev in Karaganda   концерт
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Address: Republic Avenue, 11/3.

Contact number: 8 (7212) 50-77-22, 8 (775) 844–84–48.

Bus stop: Orbita-2 station.

Entrance: from the side of Volochaevskaya street.

Parking: ground parking on the left side of the center of the box. It's free of charge. Check-in from the side of Volochaevskaya Street.

In recent years, boxing in Kazakhstan is experiencing a rapid revival: our athletes are increasingly winning gold at various competitions and new sports complexes are opening more and more often, across the country. Karaganda is home to the Serik Sapiyev Boxing Centre. The complex got its current name in 2012, as soon as a Kazakhstani athlete was able to take the main step of the podium and receive a medal of the highest standard at the Olympic Games in London. In that final battle, Serik Sapiyev defeated Freddy Evans, a British man flying the flag of Wales.

The Karaganda boxing center, like all other sports facilities in Kazakhstan, is a multifunctional complex. With an area of 1000 square meters, the central arena can be easily transformed into a venue for various sports such as mini-football, table tennis, and other martial arts. There are two boxing rings in the center and 800 spectators can watch the battles taking place there at the same time.

Boxing and not only

Very often visiting stars from show business arrange their concert programs in this very place, in the boxing center of Serik Sapiyev. The walls of the hall have a special acoustic lining of wooden panels and there are high quality, easily customizable sound and lighting systems that will help you fully experience the beauty of the event. In general, all equipment of the center is adaptable, depending on the tasks set by the ongoing events. A large LED screen will show you all the details of what's going on in the center of the venue, whether it's a fight between two boxers, a football match or a performance by a pop artist. Here you can also visit various business training courses and seminars.

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Good deeds

Boxer Serik Sapiyev, as well as the center named in his honor, actively promotes sports and a healthy lifestyle. Within its walls, under the guidance of professional coaches, young guys are trained. Also here are holding events in honor of the New Year and the holiday Nauryz for children from orphanages, low-income families and children with disabilities, which are attended by famous athletes. This is a great opportunity to inspire and involve as many children in sports as possible through a live example.