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Bahodir Jalmetov

Bahodir Jalmetov

Date of Birth
07.01.1963 (61), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Bakhodir Dzhalmetov is an actor and a professional stuntman known for his bright film roles in national action movies.

Creative Way

After receiving higher education in 1985 he got a job in Goskino USSR, where he was a regular trainee. His duties included assistance in filming and preparing artists for various scenes. But a year later he was responsible for tricks, worked on them and rehearsed with the rest of the staff. Bahodir very quickly managed to earn the status of a master in this business and achieve good results.

In the early 90's he began to receive proposals for full roles in cinema. The debut came on the film "Outcast", and 5 years later tried on one of the images in "The One who is gentler. Gradually, with Bahodir Jalmetov films began to be released more often and at the moment taking part in ten major projects, among which:

  • "The Uranium Typhoon";
  • "The Moon Loves The Sun";
  • "Duty";
  • "Zastava", etc.

He does not leave the stunting and gladly performs tricks on his own and gives up understudies.

Bahodir Jalmetov: family life

Married. Spouse works as a ballerina and performs in theatrical productions. The press doesn't know if they have children, as the couple doesn’t spread the subject, preferring their happiness not to be made public.


Interesting facts:


1.  He started his career as an ordinary stuntman who replaced actors while shooting dangerous scenes. 


2.  Leads the author's page in "Vkontakte", which communicates with fans, tells about his hobbies. 


3.  The film with his participation was shown at the 68th Festival de Cannes as part of the Short Film Corner.