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Asha Matai

Asha Matai

Date of Birth
22.12.1988 (35), Matai station, Kazakhstan

Real name
Askarbekova Akbota Maratovna.

Asha Matai.

Zodiac sign

Despite the fact that Asha Matai is an international lawyer by education (she graduated from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Faculty of International Relations), she did not leave her school hobby and chose music as her profession. 

As a restless child, Asha Matai had time to do horseback riding, boxing, basketball, dancing, volleyball, and eventually won the title of a major tennis player. 

Her career on television began in her student years with a program on Hit TV. Working as a DJ, Asha did not leave any attempts to "sing". She didn't have to wait long. Her hits broke into the national charts and immediately fell in love with the listeners. 

Awards and achievements


  • 2013 г. - received the title of "TV host of the year. 
  • 2014 г. - performance at the festival "Alma-Ata, My First Love";
  • 2014 г. - "face" of Brosh brand and Malique brand;
  • 2016 г. - starred in Soso Pavliashvili's video "From Astana to Moscow".


Asha Matai is the winner of Shabyt Youth Festival and Zhahan Dala Song Contest, she won the Empire of Stars show. 

Since 2006, Asha Matai has been starring in films. Her debut - an episodic role - took place in a series by Kymyzkhan. Since 2009, the actress's film career has gone "up the hill" and her filmography already includes more than 12 films. The last ones are "16 Kyz" (2016) and "The Most Beautiful" (2018).

Personal life

In 2015 she married Arman Konyrbayev, a member of Mysterions. A year later they had a daughter, who they called Asylym. In 2018, information leaked to social networks that the couple was on the verge of breaking up.