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The mausoleum at the grave of the Turkic poet and founder of the Sufi order Yassaviy Khoja Ahmed Yasavi, located in the city of Turkestan in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan. It is the central object on the territory of the historical and cultural museum-reserve "Khazret-Sultan".

The mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi consists of eight rooms of various nature, which are grouped around the central, largest hall for the tai kazan in the complex: a mausoleum, a mosque, large and small palace halls, a library and an economic complex, which includes a well, a dining room, residential and others premises.

The modern mausoleum was built on the burial place of the Sufi poet Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, who had great authority among the Muslims of the region and had a significant impact on Islam in Central Asia. He died in 1166 and was buried with great honor in a small mausoleum.