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Cinema Komsomolets

Address: Republic Avenue, 45.

Contact number: 8 777 810 72 36, 8 (7213) 92–02–20, 8 (7213) 92–02–17.

Bus stop: Komsomolets Cinema station.

Distance from the station: 240 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Republic Avenue.

Parking: ground parking in front of the cinema. Free of charge. Check-in from the side of Republic Avenue.

Canteen: a dining room.

Komsomolets 3D Cinema in Temirtau meets its guests daily from 10.00 am to 23.00 pm pleasing them with the best novelties from the world of the film industry.

History of the Cinema

It opened over half a century ago, on August 25, 1961. It was the first movie theater in the young city. Visitors were welcomed by a widescreen, which was 18 meters long and a hall designed for 808 spectators. Several dozens of workers worked on the screenings: technicians, artists, controllers, and others. Illustrators drew posters for each film, and technical staff manually glued the film frame by frame, which was supplied in huge reels of several kilograms. During Soviet times, most of the Soviet cinema was shown here. Famous artists and cinematographers were visiting here.

After perestroika, Komsomolets went into disrepair for several years due to minimal financing. The revival came in the 2000s when it was overhauled. During the reconstruction, the number of seats was reduced and new equipment was installed. Today Komsomolets is:

  • One hall for 150 people;
  • Digital cinema equipment;
  • Films in 3D format;
  • Volumetric sound;
  • Modern cinema.

In addition, the chairs were completely replaced. Instead of the old, hard seats are waiting for you soft and comfortable seats.

For many years cinema Komsomolets has been a favorite of the citizens and is visited by several thousand people annually.

Film schedule in Komsomolets Cinema 3D

The modern cinema is located close to a pub and a nightclub, so the public that comes here most often are young people. Focusing on the interests of clients, the management makes the poster of the Komsomolets Cinema diverse and corresponds to all the loudest world premieres. The archive of repertoire selection speaks about it:

  • "Tor: Ragnarok";
  • "The Windy River";
  • "Monster Trucks";
  • "La-la-land;
  • "The Voice of the Monster";
  • "Made in America", etc.

In the foyer of the cinema center, there is a cafeteria where you can treat yourself to drinks, ice cream and buy popcorn. There is a cloakroom, and free parking is available on the adjacent territory to the cinema. The cost of counterfeits starts at 500 tenges per children's ticket, and increases depending on the category and time of the show.