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Messa di Gloria

2020 / 2021                   Main Hall              the 8th Season

21 November * Saturday * 6.00 pm



G. Puccini

Messa di Gloria


The Astana Opera House will present a masterpiece of world musical classics – Messa di Gloria by Giacomo Puccini, performed by the soloists, chorus and symphony orchestra under the baton of Giuseppe Aquaviva.

This rarely performed piece is the graduation work of a young composer. The fate of the Mass was unusual. After the first performance on 12 July 1880 in Lucca at a celebration in honour of Saint Polino, the patron saint of bells, it was forgotten for many years. The manuscript of the Mass was found 70 years later by the American researcher of G. Puccini's works Dante Del Fiorentino. And 72 years after its creation, it was performed again.

G. Puccini himself admitted that the Messa di Gloria was thus named because it is rather glorifying than liturgical in terms of its character. And in order to make the work easier for the public to perceive, the composer introduced the melody of a popular folk song of the Tuscany region into the most striking place of the Qui tollis peccata.


The Mass is written to the traditional text of Catholic worship in Latin and consists of 5 parts:

1. Kyrie

2. Gloria

3. Credo

4. Sanctus e Benedictas

5. Agnus Dei




Ramzat BALAKISHIYEV (tenor)

Talgat GALEYEV (baritone) 

The Astana Opera Chorus and Symphony Orchestra

Conductor – Giuseppe ACQUAVIVA



Running time – 1 hour



Management reserves the right to substitute performers and works performed