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Date of Birth
03.06.1990 (34), Leninskiy village

Real name
Adil Jalelov


Who by horoscope

Contrary to the world and the established domestic musical traditions, Scriptonite proves that in Kazakhstan there is a place for amazing rap.

It is hard to believe that this guy with a cheeky look and the same songs was a diligent student. He was fond of judo, learned to play guitar himself, performed in the school drama club and, in general, according to his father's plans he was to be an architect. But in the 2000s, when the entire CIS space was "gathering" at a party at Detsla's house, Adil realized that rap was something he wanted to do. It was Kirill Tolmatsky's work that pushed him to this decision and at the age of 15, Adil started writing songs.

Under the influence of his parents, Skryptonit still went to college, but he didn't finish school and created his own band Jillzay. As a member of the band, he recorded several singles and shot the video "VBVVCTND" which brought them popularity. Scriptonita was noticed by major production centers and in 2014 he became a resident of Gazgolder under Basta. Already next year Adil published his first album "House with normal phenomena". Songs of Scriptonite immediately "exploded" Russian-language charts, and the record itself took 2nd place in iTunes.

In 2017 the artist pleased his fans with another collection of "Street 36", followed by "Uroboros: Mirrors". After this work, Scriptonite announced that he was no longer interested in rap as a direction and had taken a creative break from big projects. However, Scriptonite hasn't stopped releasing hits and with enviable periodicity pleases its fans with new tracks, among them:

  • "Stupid and Delicate."
  • "Multibrand"
  • "It's hot in hell today."
  • "Podruga" and others.

Together with other rappers, he also organized new bands: "Musica36" "Gruppa Skryptonite".

Scriptonite: Personal life

In January 2016, Scriptonite had a son from dancer Nigora Abdigalieva. The couple broke up. Scriptonite is not claiming a new relationship, so we can conclude that one of Kazakhstan's most famous rappers is free.