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Dune: Part Two

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Дюна: Часть втораяYear of issue: 2023

Country of origin: USA, Canada


Directors: Denis Villeneuve

Actors: Rebecca Ferguson, Timothy Chalamet, Zendea

Genre: science fiction, action, drama

Duration: 195 min

Age limit: 14+

Premiere Date: March 13, 2024


«Dune: Part Two» - continuation of an epic sci-fi movie that left the audience in complete delight. The second part reveals even more mysteries and mysteries of the world of the Arrakis desert.

The main character, Paul Atreides, is forced to engage in a deadly battle with the great houses of the Universal Empire in order to protect his people and free the planet from cruel oppression.

The film not only impresses with visual effects and exciting battles, but also with a deep philosophy that makes you think and ask questions about the meaning of life and the fate of humanity. «Dune: Part Two» is a fantastic adventure that will forever remain in the hearts of the audience.