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Shanyrak Center

Address: Pavlodar, N. Nazarbayev Avenue, 1. 

Contact number: +7 (7182) 68–03–00, +7 (7182) 68–02–97, 8 (701) 523–91–99.

Bus stop: Toraigyrova station.

Distance from the station: 180 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Astana street.

Parking: ground parking below the center for 8 cars. It is free of charge. Entrance from the side of Astana Street.

The regional center of folk art Shanyrak in Pavlodar is one of the places of concentration of cultural life of the city. It hosts events dedicated to public holidays, concerts, performances, festivals and training. In the playbill of Shanyrak in Pavlodar, you will also find tour performances of Kazakh and foreign artists. In addition, the folk arts center has clubs and elective courses for children and young people.