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Мастерская театра ARTиШОК

Продажи на репертуар театра скоро откроются.

Address: Malaya stena - 49/68 Kunaev Street (Zhibek-Zholy street, entrance from the courtyard)

Performances start: 19:00

Metro:  «Zhibek-Zholy» metro station

Distance: 1 km

Entrance: from the courtyard, from Kunaev Street or from the parking lot

Landmark: from Gogol Street parking of the residential complex  «Molodezhny»; along Kunaev to Gogol from Zhibek Zholy, turn into the courtyard (Adam & Eve chain of clothing and accessories salons is on the turn)

Parking: Free on Kunaev Street, paid on Gogol Street. There is no parking in the yard

Buffet: no

Contacts: +7 777 982 31 33

Attention! In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 infection, visitors are checked in the theater through the Ashyq system.