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Congress Center Astana

SUMMER FEST in Astana   фестиваль
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20.07.2024 19:00 ЗАЛ от 14 000 тг. Buy
Xcho concert in Astana   концерт
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13.10.2024 19:00 ЗАЛ от 7 000 тг. Buy


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Address: Astana, Heydar Aliyev str., 12

Contact number: 8 717 236 2457, 8 717 236 2457.

Entrance: from the side of the street Akmeshit.

Parking: ground parking for 20 cars. It is free of charge. Check-in from the street Akmeshit.

Bicycle parking: in front of the Congress Center, 48 Sauran Street.

Congress Center - a legacy of EXPO. Its form is a symbol of past and future achievements of the country, positive changes. It has become a universal object suitable for both symposia and conferences as well as for concerts.

What is it?

It is a three-story building with an area of over 43,000 square meters. The concept was developed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture (Chicago) and brought to life by local and international contractors. The futuristic look complements and continues the architectural ensemble, which consists of the Congress Office and hotel complex.  The uniqueness of the Congress Centre is also in its multifunctionality and thoughtfulness: space can be freely transformed into events of various scales. There are only 4 halls in it:

  • Grand Hall, 2,659 m²;
  • Conference room, 350 m²;
  • VIP hall "Shanyrak", 200 m²;
  • VIP hall "Aspan", 230 m².

Plus a lobby and additional, ancillary rooms like business meeting rooms, a warehouse for decorations, changing rooms, storerooms, etc.  The technical equipment of the building corresponds to all the most advanced technologies, so every show that takes place here is always of high quality. 


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Congress Center - the concentration of highlights!

One of the first, important events that happened here was the opening and closing of the exhibition EXPO. Then began a series of festivals, international forums, in a word - everything that enriches the cultural sphere of the capital. For example, there were performances here:

  • Dima Bilan;
  • Jah Khalib;
  • Symphonic Cinema;
  • Ivan Dorn;
  • BI-2 Live;
  • Mott et al.

In addition, there was a show The Illusionist, a contest for young designers Fashion For Future and much more, and if you are looking for events in the Congress Center of Astana, be sure to check out the service Ticketon.

Online Playbill Congress Center 

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