Юрий Николаенко в Алматы
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Ala Tau - Theatre of Traditional Art

Address: Nurkent microdistrict, 6. 

Contact number: 8 (727) 398–85–36, 8 (727) 224–89–77.

Entrance: from the side of Bauyrzhan Momyshuly Street.

Parking: 50 parking spaces on the ground. Free of charge. Entrance from Bauyrzhan Momyshuly Street.

The Alatau Concert Hall in Almaty has already become a venue for many interesting concerts, performances, and other cultural events. The capacity of the hall is over 700 people. It is located below the Nurkent microdistrict in Momyshuly.

You can buy tickets to the concerts in Alatau through the Internet on the site Ticketon