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Yerzhan Saipov

Yerzhan Saipov


Who by the sign of the zodiac

Yerzhan Saipov is the rising star of the capital's choir, who delights the audience with his strong voice. He is famous for his performance of dozens of musical compositions and roles from the stage.

Creative Way

The young man had been fond of singing since childhood, it was already clear that he had a great future ahead of him. He performed at school festivals and continued to do so as a student.

After receiving his diploma and completing his studies, in 2013, he took a job at AstanaOpera, where he joined the choir as a baritone. A lot of performances are performed using props and decorations. Participants of the show dress up in appropriate costumes in order to better convey the atmosphere of what is happening and convey the desired emotions.

Yerzhan Saipov always plays the concert in full force to impress the audience with talent, really gets used to the chosen image. That is why it enjoys great popularity.

Yerzhan Saipov: family life

At the moment, he's not married and he's not dating anyone. The artist regularly shares photos on the Internet, where he shows how he spends his weekdays. In the pictures, he is more often surrounded by his sister, friends, and co-workers.

Interesting facts

  1. Graduated from Kazakh National University of Arts.
  2. He is a fan of Manchester United football club.
  3. Actively communicates with subscribers on social networks in Vkontakte and Facebook.