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Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina

Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina

Date of Birth
27.09.1977 (46), Sholokhovo village

Zodiac sign


Nazgul Karabalina is a famous theater and cinema artist. She is the winner of two awards - "Daryn" and "Tarlan".

Creative Way

Parents noticed their daughter's artistic talent early and gave her to the music school of Uralsk, where she had the opportunity to study from 1993 to 1997. After his graduation, the girl entered the Zhurgenov Academy of Arts. There she studied until 2000, having completed her diploma work at the Kustanai Drama Theatre. The talented graduate was immediately enrolled in the troupe of the Auezov Drama Theatre.

Nazgul Karabalinoy plays in plays, films and TV series. The first appearance in cinematography was the image of Saira in the film "The Blow of the Zharyk" ("Notes of the Traveling Traveler", 2006). Filmed Nazgul and in foreign projects, as evidenced by his participation in the Russian series "The Road to Mangazia" (2008) as Karai. She can also be seen in films:

  • "Mahambet";
  • "Angel";
  • "The Blowing Heat";
  • "The Angel";
  • "The Patchwork Quilt."

But his work of the actress is inextricably linked with the theater Auezov. It was these scaffolds that saw her best embodiments in the heroines of Kazakh and world classics, as well as contemporary drama. The productions, in which Nazgul took part, are a constant success. Among them "Ayman-Sholpan", "Gypsy Serenade", "Farhad-Shirin", "Crime", "Bright Love".

Nazgul Karabalina: family life.

She is married to actor Azamat Satybalda. Raises up his son.  


Interesting facts:

  1. She is famous for playing the genre of melodrama, including historical.
  2. Worked with director Erlan Seytimov in the intellectual action movie "Faculty of the right things.
  3. The play "A Poem about Love" with her participation won the Grand Prix at festivals in Turkey and Korea, and "Beauty and Artist" won the main award at the Central Asian theater competition.