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Jaro & Hanza Group

Jaro & Hanza Group

Date of Birth
01.01.2017 (7),

Hip-hop group.

Band Jaro & Hanza has recently burst into show business but has already managed to win the favor of the audience and gained popularity.

Creative Way

The team consists of 2 guys from Armenia: Orhan Orujov and Khanza Avakyan. Their love for music and desire to invent it on their own was close to them. But the character of young people is different, which affects the distribution of creative duties. Jaro is more relaxed, he is inspired by extreme speed and in the duet, he is responsible for writing texts. Han likes privacy and a quiet pastime. He likes to work responsibly and with concentration, the musical part on his shoulders.

The debut work of the team was the composition "Milky Way". To promote their music, the performers created the public in VK, where they placed their creations. The success came a little later, with a third song called "Masti". After uploading it to YouTube, it collected 15,000 likes in a few days.

The musicians' continued fame grew exponentially. The guys moved to Moscow, where they started working with the studio "Soyuz" and the label "A+". They already have 3 clips in their arsenal. The first one, "Lady Love", was released in 2018, but did not find the expected popularity. But the second ("The Queen of the dance floor") just went off the charts with the number of views and enthusiastic comments. In January 2020, a new video ("You're my high") was released online simultaneously with the track.

At the moment Jaro and Hanza are giving concerts in Russia and CIS cities, as well as preparing for the release of the long-awaited solo album.


Interesting facts

  1. In their spare time, they prefer to rest with their family and travel.
  2. They write compositions for other pop artists.
  3. The band members see their future only in Moscow.