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Yermek Tlaulov

Yermek Tlaulov

Date of Birth
19.10.1982 (41), Taraz, Republic of Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

MMA fighter

Yermek Tlaulov worthily represents his country at the international level. In his arsenal more than a dozen victories. Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Creative way

Started getting to know martial arts at the age of 10. For a long time was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling, was the champion of Kazakhstan. Since 2013, he has been involved in mixed martial arts. Performs for Almaty club of fighters "Alash Pride".

Ermek's battles in most cases end in his victory. When defeated, the athlete carefully analyzes the mistakes made to further improve his technique. Yermek Tlaulov was the owner of the Astana Cup in battles without rules according to "M-1". He won many times in republican tournament fights. He is the head coach of the "ALASH PRIDE KZ" team.

He possesses such qualities as discipline, endurance, firmness. These character traits help to achieve high results. He has received love and recognition not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. Proved that "Kazakhs can fight well".

Yermek Tlaulov: family life

Married, raising children. For him, the family is not only the meaning of life but also reliable support.

Interesting facts

  1. MMA first saw it on TV. After watching it, I wanted to try this kind of struggle.
  2. In 2013, he won the World Cup of fights without rules.
  3. His weight varies from 76 to 65 kg. Before the competition, it is easy to get rid of excess and get into the lightweight category.