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Erik Zholzhaksynov

Erik Zholzhaksynov

Date of Birth
15.05.1959 (65), Karakas village, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign


Paintings in which Erik Zholzhaksynov is shot, delight the audience with the professional play of actors. He works in close cooperation with stars of different sizes because he himself was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Kazakhstan.

Creative Way

Having decided to become a professional actor, Erik Zholzhaksynov first gets a fundamental education: he mastered the basics of craftsmanship in the theater studio, which was established under the Kazakh GATD named after M.O. Auezov, and then entered the Moscow Theater Institute. He returned to his homeland to work. Since 1982, he has served in the theater, where he initially studied.

At first, the young star was involved only in theatrical productions. But then Eric decided to try himself in cinematography. At first, there were only occasional roles. Go he persistently went to the goal, not rejecting any proposals related to the cinema. Now Erik Zholzhaksynov films choose consciously, given the cast, carefully studying the plot.

The best films, which involved Zholzhaksynov, filmed not only in domestic studios but also in Russia:

  • "Revenge";
  • "Kek";
  • "Nomad";
  • "The Sin of Sholpan."
  • "Brothers";
  • "Aphalene's Jump."
  • "The witch's key" and others.

With his participation came out series: "The Treasure", "Goat". Stage activity was not limited to. Successfully led the "Capital Circus" in Astana, being its general director.

Erik Zholzhaksynov: family life.

Erik Kaliyevich is happy in his marriage to his wife Kymbat Tleuova, who is also an actress and a theater teacher. Together they brought up two daughters and a son. There is already Ramzan's grandson.

        Interesting facts:

  1. The army service was in Ukraine.
  2. He was a jury member of the national beauty contest "Kazakh Aruy-2017".
  3. In 2016. Erik Zholzhaksynov was awarded the Order of "Parasat".