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Ekaterina Larionova

Ekaterina Larionova

Date of Birth
23.01.1994 (30), Uralsk, Kazakhstan

On the sign of the zodiac

Athlete (freestyle wrestling)

Ekaterina Larionova. 2016 Summer Olympic Games winner. She woke up famous after winning a bronze medal at her first adult championship. She was 19 years old at the time, but her winnings were called sensational.

The sporting path

Ekaterina Larionova was born in the family of a former Greco-Roman wrestler and coach, so her path in sports was obvious. It was her father who began to coach her and brought her to all the landmark achievements. Larionova's results at the youth level are called fantastic. 
At the Asian Cadet Championships, and then the youth in different years, she won:

  • 3 golds;
  • 2 silvers;
  • 2 bronzes.

Victory at the Olympics in 2016 confirmed the correctness of her chosen path. But she herself is very critical of her success, worried about the failures and does not want to remain a "one-day hero", not justifying the hopes of the country and people.

Ekaterina Larionova: Family life

She's not married yet, and her thoughts are only about sports. She admits that she's tied to her home and in no hurry to leave it.

Interesting facts

  1. She's not an only child with her parents. Champion brothers are wrestling, too.
  2. The heroine's nose was broken when she was a child when she failed to do a flip.
  3. In 2009, the girl was offered to change her citizenship to Mongolian but was refused.