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Yegor Shalapov

Yegor Shalapov

Date of Birth
27.01.1995 (29), Kusa, Chelyabinsk region, Russia

Who on the sign of the zodiac

Yegor Shalapov - defender in HC Barys. In hockey since he was seven years old.  

Sports way

As soon as he got into school, the young man thought about his sports career. He asked his parents to give it to the section and didn't miss it. From the very first days, the future defender began to work out. His mentor was the famous NG Ovladeyev, who coached the local "Youth".

Yegor was offered to take up hockey more professionally in Chelyabinsk. Having shown himself on the positive side at the tournament in memory of Kharlampiy Ivanov, he found himself in an educational institution named after Makarov. Later, he signed a contract with Shakhtar from Uchalinsk.

The statistics of Yegor Shalapov in the triumphant season 2015/2016 were very revealing: in 14 games the defender scored 2 goals, while in the regular season he scored 21 goals.

He now plays at Kazakhstan's Barys, the capital's best club. The debut on ice in the CHL took place on September 20, 2016. 

Yegor Shalapov: Family Life

He prefers not to talk about his relationship.  

Interesting facts

  1. He never wanted to change his position, he was always in solidarity with the coaches who saw him as a defender.
  2. He was the captain of the Pitmen's team.
  3. The owner of the Regional Cup.