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Dmitry Petrov

Dmitry Petrov

Date of Birth
16.07.1958 (65), Russia, Novomoskovsk

Who on a sign of the zodiac

polyglot, teacher, TV presenter, synchronous interpreter, writer

Polyglot Dmitry Petrov is a talented and versatile man who has achieved great heights in learning foreign languages. Thanks to his methods, the learning process became clear, accessible and exciting for a huge category of people.

Creative Way

The creative way immediately after graduation began with teaching a foreign language at the university. At the same time, he taught students, developed individual methods of effective learning, and simultaneously mastered new languages for himself. As part of the Tilashar ENTER television project, Dmitry Petrov gave a master class on learning the Kazakh language. In 2012, he became the host of the TV program "Polyglot". He opened his own school under the name of the Center for Communicative and Innovative Linguistics.

Dmitry Petrov: family life

His wife Anamika Samsena, an Indian by nationality, met the polyglot back in college. They raise three children: their daughter Arina and their sons Ilian and Demian.

Interesting facts

  1. He knows about 50 languages, in which he is fluent in reading. Speaks 30 of them fluently and 8 languages are ready to use professionally.
  2. The methods invented by Dmitry Petrov, which are aimed at effective language improvement, are based on psychological and mathematical principles.
  3. Only one child, namely Demyan's son, decided to link his own life with languages, just like his father.