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Arman Konyrbayev

Arman Konyrbayev

Date of Birth
10.01.1989 (35), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Arman Konyrbayev - one of the soloists of the group "Mysterions", an actor. He is known for his role in the TV series "His House".

Artistic path

Arman always studied well at school and then got two higher educations: he is a lawyer and a financier.

Together with friends, he founded the "Mysterions" band in 2008, recording a track and making a video in the studio of a friend. His debut song "Not Together" instantly appeared on TV channels and even took first place in the hit parade of Radio Europe Plus. After that, the project was taken up by Jazir Muradov, the producer was found thanks to the creative association "Demeu".

As an actor, Arman made his debut in "His Home". The film tells about life in the Kudaibergenov family, shocked by the shocking news: the youngest son is planning a wedding. The series quickly gained popularity in Kazakhstan. As he says, Arman Konyrbayev himself films for him - it is, above all, the art of living the life of the character.

Arman Konyrbayev: family life

On September 25, 2015, he married the singer, actress, and TV presenter Asha Matai. They met at the "Sonak" project. Now they are bringing up a child together. The couple notes that they have almost identical views on relationships and life.

Interesting facts

  1. He confesses that he does not like frivolous girls and lies, appreciates politeness and modesty.
  2. Arman is interested in sports and also loves watching horror movies with friends.
  3. According to unverified information (spring 2019), the musician had a serious conflict with his wife, but these rumors have not been confirmed.