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Alexey Poltoranin

Alexey Poltoranin

Date of Birth
29.04.1987 (37), Leninogorsk

At the sign of the zodiac


Alexei Poltoranin - Kazakh biathlete, who is an Honored Master of Sports. He has participated in dozens of tournaments and managed to take prize-winning positions in many.

Creative Way

Since childhood, I have been skiing and by the time I was a teenager I was already an experienced athlete. In 2004, he took gold at the World Junior Championship, and 3 years later took silver at a similar championship. An important serious achievement at the professional level can be considered silver at the Asian Games in 2007 In this competition, a real star hour took place in 2011 when he took four first places and one third.
The last award is his victory in the 2018 World Cup when he became a leader in the 15 km mass start. In 2019, there was an incident of suspicion of doping. Unfortunately, the examination yielded positive results.

Alexei Poltoranin: Family life

In 2009, he announced his engagement to the biathlete Olga Dudchenko, who took his last name. In the same year, the couple had a son Eugene, with whom they try to spend a lot of time.
Now the spouses are engaged in social activities. Being suspended from races because of the scandal, Alexei hopes to return to the national team as soon as possible.

Interesting facts

  1. He prefers the Fischer brand as equipment, however, he did not sign an advertising contract with it.
  2. In the season 2012 and 2013, he took 4th place in the international ranking but did not hold it for long.
  3. During his career, he has performed in all possible biathlon disciplines and achieved success everywhere.