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The Palace of sports and culture. B. Sholak

Address: Abai Avenue, 44. Corner of Baitursynov Street.

Contact number: 8 (727) 292 37 85 (cash desks), 8 (727) 292 38 77, 8 (727) 292-52-40, 8 (778) 919-88-88.

Metro: Baykonur station.

Distance from the station: 200 meters.

Entrance: from Abay Avenue.

Parking: ground parking on the trajectory of the street.

The Baluan Sholak Palace of Sports is over 45 years old. In his lifetime, he has been in various types of property and has undergone many changes. In the 90s, the state was forced to sell its property to support the economy. The same fate befell the palace named after the 50th anniversary of October.

However, the complex was later returned to the state again and today is a multifunctional complex with a central ice arena. The palace itself has been overhauled to meet high international standards.

Today, the palace is a 4-story building with an ice arena, lobbies, offices, locker rooms, VIP parking, a room for judges, a medical station, etc. The total area of the facility is more than one hectare.

Activities of the Almaty Sports Palace

First of all, there are sports battles of national, continental and world importance in Olympic sports.

And above all it concerns winter sports:

  • hockey games;
  • Short track competitions;
  • Figure skaters' performances.

An important role was played by the ice arena in the Asian Games 2011, held in Almaty. In addition to hockey, there was also a colorful closing ceremony.

However, Baluan Sholak welcomes not only winter athletes, but also summer athletes. Here are the games of the following directions:

  • Volleyball;
  • Basketball;
  • Mini-football;
  • all kinds of martial arts.

The word culture is not for nothing present in the name of the complex. The following events are held within the walls of Baluan Sholak Palace:

  • ice shows;
  • performances by various entertainers;
  • other shows.

Terms and conditions

Named after Baluan Sholak, the Palace of Sports in Almaty has one of the largest ice rinks in the city under its roof. This makes it possible to attract all fans of ice skating all year round, regardless of the weather behind the walls.

You are also welcome:

  • a rather comfortable microclimate inside the Ice Arena;
  • cozy seats;
  • Updated practical locker rooms;
  • Conveniently located parking.

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