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Daniyar Alshinov

Daniyar Alshinov

Date of Birth
23.11.1987 (36), Astana, Kazakhstan



In addition to films, Daniyar Alshinov regularly appears on TV as a guest in various programs.

Creative Way

When I was a young man, I never thought I'd be an actor. Interest in filming appeared at a conscious age. He made his debut in "Nothing Personal". Since then, Daniyar Alshinov has starred in films:

  • "Kelinka is also a human being" 1st and 2nd parts;
  • "I am the groom."
  • "It's all because of men";
  • "The Districts";
  • "More than the cinema", etc.

Daniyar speaks perfect English, which allows him to participate in foreign films.

Daniyar Alshinov: family life

At the moment he is not in a relationship, despite the fact that he receives a lot of attention from the girls. He is now fully focused on doing various film projects.

He appears in public only in one or with friends. In the interview, he states that he is ready to date, but has not yet met the right candidate.


Interesting facts:

  1. In his school years, he played KVN, but decided to leave the humor and engage in more serious creativity.
  2. Has a predisposition to mathematics, in childhood even performed at the city Olympics and took first places.
  3. He received a degree in nuclear physics and then went to the United States for an additional diploma.
  4. He tries to run his own business without hiring agents.