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Koty Ermitazha

Коты Эрмитажа

Year of release: 2022


Country of manufacture: Russia

Director: Vasily Rovensky

Cast: Roman Kurtsyn, Polina Gagarina, Pavel Priluchny, Diomid Vinogradov
Genre: cartoon, children's, comedy
Duration: 83 minutes

Age restriction: 6+

Premiere date: March 23, 2023



A young cat named Vincent in the company of Maurice's mouse escapes from the flood in an old harpsichord, which is picked up by sailors and sent to St. Petersburg, where he ends up in the Hermitage.

There Vincent meets an elite cat squad that has been protecting works of art from mice and other pests for centuries. Vincent dreams of finding a real cat family, but does not want to lose his friend Maurice, who saved his life...