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Argymak. Heavenly Horses (2023)

«Аргымак. Небесные кони».

Year of release: 2023

Distributor: «Movie Service»

Country of manufacture: Kazakhstan

Director: Ruslan Pak

Main actors: Dulyga Akmolda, Rustem Zhanyamanov, Saltanat Serkebayeva, Yerzhan Tusupov

Genre: sports action

Duration: 125 minutes

Age restriction:  12+

Premiere date: November 23


In the center of the plot is a former football player named Mukhtar. As a child, he received a strong psychological trauma in childhood: his brother played for the famous football club "Pakhtakor", and died in a plane crash with the whole team in 1979. After this tragedy, Mukhtar hated football and lost himself... Forty years later, he has to become a coach of a children's football club. The club was created for money laundering by a local criminal authority. The team recruited children from an orphanage. At first, Mukhtar was a coach for the "tick", avoided his job. But then, seeing the desire of orphanages to succeed, Mukhtar begins to change. He has a goal in life, and the children have a big dream: to win the football championship in Brazil.