Туры по Казахстану
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The first destination of our trip is the fresh lake Imantau. It is distinguished by its amazing nature: Mount Imantau adjoins it, coniferous trees grow around it, stones and rocks of unusual shape are found, honed by rains and winds for thousands of years. The north-western part of the reservoir is separated by a cape, the south-western shore is rocky and high. There is a heart-shaped island in the lake, which is located in its southern part.

An unforgettable impression is left by a walk in the mountains. The ascent of medium difficulty passes through mountain trails, and from the top there is a wonderful view of the lake and the surrounding area, Snake Island, located on Imantau. The walking route takes only about an hour. Sunsets and sunrises are also worth seeing.

The next item of the program will be the crystal clear Lake Shalkar in the North Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It has been attracting tourists from all over the world for many years for beach holidays and fishing. The lake is also famous for its therapeutic mud. On one side the lake is framed by a dense forest, on the other side the shores are open to the sun. Conifers and birches predominate in the forest near the shore.

The special beauty of the lake is given by blooming large white water lilies. The water is very clean, the bottom is visible at a depth of up to two meters. The bottom, as well as the shore, is sandy in places, rocky in places. The rocks overhanging the shore are not steep. They can be easily climbed without special equipment. Near the rocks on the banks there are scattered a large number of winding snags, turned by water and time. They really like to take memorable photos on them. Sunsets on the lake amaze the imagination with their splendor.