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Kairat Nurtas

Kairat Nurtas

Date of Birth
25.02.1989 (35), Turkestan, Kazakhstan

Real name
Kairat Aidarbekov

Kairat Nurtas

Zodiac sign

Popular favorite Kairat Nurtas has been fond of music since childhood. His first big performance took place when he was not yet 10 years old. Under the tutelage of his mother Gulzira Aidarbekova, he worked hard to develop his talent and the result was his first solo concert on the day of his majority.

His further career as a singer began to develop rapidly. Releasing hit after hit, Kairat Nurtas actively toured all big and small cities of Kazakhstan. Duets began to appear in his arsenal:

  • Makpal Zhunisova - Yelge Arnau;
  • Nyusha - Almaty nights;
  • Aikyn - Әз-Nauriz;
  • Meirambek Besbaev - Mahabbat is degenerate.

The duo of Kairat Nurtas with his brother Zangar is also popular with listeners.

Kairat Nurtas' creative work is not limited to music. He publishes a glossy magazine, makes and plays feature films and runs his own film company, Kairat Nurtas Production, and also runs the KN clothing line.

Kairat Nurstas has been on the list of the richest stars of Kazakhstan's show business for several years in a row. For example, in 2013, his income exceeded $2 million. His shocking behavior repeatedly attracted the attention of the public, as it was at the performance in the shopping mall "Prime Plaza" in Almaty when the artist refused to perform, and the raging crowd caused riots.

Kairat is the recipient of various awards, among them:

  • Winner in the Best Performer category according to the second Eurasian Music Award 2014;
  • Winner of the Daryn Award 2013;
  • Winner of EMA 2016.

Some of Kairat Nurtas' songs are incendiary, while others are melodic and heartfelt, so among his fans, there are people of absolutely different ages and as a rule, all Kairat Nurtas concerts are held with a full house.

The Kairat Nurtas family

Kairat Nurtas has been married to Zhuldiz Abdukarimova since 2008. During this time the couple has had four children: two sons and two daughters. For a long time, the singer hid both his wife and the fact that he is married from admirers. But in 2017 the film "Arman ... / When the angels are sleeping" was released and the whole country learned about the acting talent Zhuldyz. For this film, she was awarded the title of "Best Actress" by the Association of Film Critics of Kazakhstan.