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Cinema Sary-Arka Karaganda

Address: Stroiteley Avenue, 6.

Contact number: 8 (7212) 77-07-11, 8 (708) 436–03–66, 8 (7212) 36–03–66.

Bus stop: Vosstanovitelnyy Center station.

Distance from the station: 700 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Stroiteley Avenue.

Parking: ground parking at the back of the cinema for 15 cars. It is free of charge. Check-in from the 29th district.

The institution most often chosen by Karaganda citizens for their leisure time is the Saryarka 3D cinema.  In it you have an opportunity not only to see a good movie but also to have an interesting time before the beginning of the show, as there are active in its territory:

  • the Magic Lab corner for children;
  • amusement rides;
  • the X-BoxOne game-zone;
  • gaming machines;
  • snack bar;
  • coffee house CoffeeRoom Saryarka.

This recreation center is perfect for family entertainment and meeting with friends.

Want to watch a movie in the biggest cinema hall? Come to Saryarka 3D!

The cinema center consists of two halls in total. One (blue) has a capacity for 140 visitors and the other (red) for 384.  They are both equipped with the latest Barco projection systems. The soundtrack is broadcast via Dolby Digital. In this way, viewers can fully experience the effect of the presence of heroes near them.

Saryarka Cinema Schedule

You can find the posters for the Saryarka Cinema on our website. It is worth noting that on its screens appear all the loud novelties of cinema. The most popular and exciting movies, as well as fascinating cartoons, can be watched in 3D. Here every cinematographer will find a film in its favorite genre from European, Russian, American and other producers.

In the mini multiplex, the emphasis is also on the demonstration of Russian cinema in order to popularize it among the population. There were screenings of Kazakh films "Algiers" and "Payback" with the participation of actors and directors and guests heard first-hand stories about how these films were created. Saryarka Cinema in Karaganda is still the only place where such events are held.

The flexible pricing policy of the institution also attracts. The price for adult tickets varies from 900 to 1100 tenges, while the price for children's and students' tickets do not exceed 900 tenges. 

Act modern - use the online service Ticketon!

With the help of our website you can:

  • look through the posters;
  • quickly buy tickets online at Saryarka Cinema 3D;
  • find out information about the location of the center.

In this case, you choose the best seats for yourself and do not crowd the queues at the box office! After the payment is made, the e-ticket will be sent to your post office. All you have to do is show the QR code to the controller and enjoy watching the movie of your choice.