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The locksmith


Year of release: 2023

Distributor: Sulpak Cinema

Country of manufacture: USA

Director: Nicholas Duchemin Harward

Main actors: Ryan Phillippe, Kate Bosworth, Ving Rhames, Jeffrey Nordling, Charlie Webber, Kylie Bryant

Genre: action, thriller, detective

Duration: 92 min

Age restriction:16+

Premiere date: March 2, 2023


Graham Miller can go through any door, open any lock and empty the most reliable safe. He is a brilliant burglar. But even professionals like him are sometimes unlucky. One day Graham got caught and went to jail. From there, he returned a completely different person, who decided to quit the criminal world forever and return to his family. And yet the disappearance of his daughter forces the thief to take a slippery path again. The last case he has to go to will be the most dangerous in his career as a burglar.