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Подарочный сертификат

An unusual duet

2015 / 2016 Chamber Hall IIІ season

16 February 19.00

Concert series

“Baroque” Musical Lounge

(concert №3)

«An unusual duet»

(harp and saxophone)

«An unusual duet» is the title of the concert of A-DUO instrumental ensemble («a play for two» – from Italian) of harpist Aidana Karasheva and multiple instruments player Yuri Tashtamirov (saxophone, flute, clarinet, etc.)

The ensemble of two young talented performers was formed in 2013 during their studying at the Moscow State Conservatory under the guidance of the professors I. P. Pashinsky and A. Z. Bonduryansky.

From the very first joint concerts of A. Karasheva and Y. Tashtamirov, the audience appreciated their original duet and sophisticated combination of their instruments. The musicians’ performances have gained constant acclaim of the audience. The repertoire of the duet is diverse – from the romantic masterpieces to the avant-garde compositions of contemporary composers, from Barocco music to Piazzolla’s works, from classical music to jazz…

A-DUO ensemble has a constant concert activity being a permanent member of various music festivals; the duet collaborates with “Bel Canto” and “Sky Bridge” Charity Funds for the promotion of musical culture and performs regularly at the Kazakh State Philharmonic named after Zhambyl, as well as in tour concerts in Russia and Kazakhstan. Being in a constant creative research, Yuri and Aidana enlarge their repertoire and discover new timbre colours.



Running time – 1 hour 30 minutes