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Kazakh State Academic Theatre for Children and Youth named after Gabit Musrepov

Address: Abylai Khan Avenue 38, (corner of Mametova Street).

Contact number: 8 727 271 40 56, 8 727 271 42 37.

Metro: Raimbek Batyr Station.

Distance from the station: 750 meters.

Entrance: from Abylai Khan Avenue.

Parking: ground parking for visitors. Free of charge.

Buffet: there is, in the theater building.

The Theatre of Youth of Almaty is one of the best children's theatres in the country. It instills in young visitors love for the theatrical art and from an early age educates them in the spirit of friendship, love, and mutual respect. If you want your child to spend his or her leisure time usefully and at the same time have maximum pleasure, don't even think about it, take him or her to the Young Spectator's Theatre!

Time passes, directors and artists change, but the theatre has been working successfully for decades. The main principle of which is the promotion of the moral upbringing of young people. On the example of fairy tales and legends to young viewers the concepts of good and evil, devotion and patriotism are revealed. It is here that the aesthetic taste of the younger generation is formed and the understanding and adaptation to the theatrical art are formed.

The young viewer's theatre poster is now available on Ticketon. On our website, you will not only find the repertoire and schedule of the Kazakh theatre for children, but you will also be able to buy tickets for any selected performance.

The history of the Theatre of Youth in the dynamics of time

The decree on the establishment of the theatre, now known as the Musrepov Theatre of Youth, was issued on September 6, 1944. The director and head of the creative team were the People's Artist of the USSR N. I. Satz. In 1946, a separate Kazakh group appeared, which was already awarded the prestigious Lenin Komsomol Prize in 1967. In 1985 the theatre for children and youth of Kazakhstan was divided into two autonomous collectives:

  • Kazakh Theatre of G. Musrepov;
  • Russian Youth Theatre.

Initially, the building of the Alatau Cinema, which served as a shooting pavilion for Mosfilm and Lenfilm studios evacuated during the war, became the home of the Youth Theatre. The first productions of the future theater by Gabit Musrepov were the plays by Red Cap (based on the work of Eugene Schwartz) and a drama by Isidor Stocking Assad Leiden.

The poster of the Musrepov Theatre

Today the theatrical poster attracts with its amazing variety, including the works of the best national and world classics, as well as works of modern authors.

They are regularly staged on the main and chamber stages:

  • musical fairy tales;
  • lyrical comedies;
  • tragedies;
  • musicals;
  • musical fantasies.

The performances are in Kazakh with simultaneous Russian translation.