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Folk Youth Theatre Sovremennik

Продажи на репертуар театра скоро откроются.

Theater repertoire

Address: Kenesary Street, 8.

Contact number: 8 (701) 507-05-88, 8 (702) 364-21-42.

Bus stop: Kenesary station.

Distance from the station: 650 meters.

Entrance: Kenesary Street

Parking: ground parking in front of the theater for 30 cars. It is free of charge. Check-in from the side of the street Kenesary.

Canteen: gastronomy.

Folk Youth Theatre Sovremennik in Nur-Sultan appeared more than 40 years ago, then in Tselinograd, and is one of the "forges" of young talents. More than 4000 graduates came out of its walls, many of whom became professional actors. During 40 years of work, he repeatedly became a laureate and winner at international theatre festivals, and his repertoire of Sovremennik in Nur-Sultan has accumulated about 80 performances of both classical and contemporary authors. You can find the poster of the folk youth theatre Sovremennik on the website Tiсketon.

The Sovremennik Youth Theatre in the capital has changed its house several times.