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Svetlana Bielskaia

Svetlana Bielskaia

Date of Birth
21.11.1985 (38), Moscow, USSR

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Svetlana Belskaya is a theatre and film actress who has played dozens of roles in various films. Since her debut, she has been actively involved in various projects and plays in plays.

Creative Way

After graduating from the faculty of directing at the Russian Institute of Theatre Art and receiving her diploma, she began to make confident steps in cinematography. Despite the fact that she has all the skills to shoot pictures independently, she prefers to be an actress.

She made her screen debut in 2006 when she performed as a make-up artist in "You are me". Then tried on the image of a TV presenter in "Two colors of passion. The first significant role went to the TV series "Margosha", where throughout the seasons she was a DJ.

Despite the constant demand for television projects, Svetlana Belskaya plays also pays much attention. She regularly flashes on stage in different roles, her characters are always heartfelt and captivates the audience with her credibility.

Svetlana Bielskaia: family life

Not married at the moment, no children. She's always immersed in work. The interview notes that in the near future she will be ready to be bound by marriage, but in public, the lady appears only with colleagues at work.


Interesting facts:

  1. I took part in 26 TV works, which almost all became successful.
  2. She works with Angel Time.
  3. In the early stages of her career family and relatives did not support the girl, advised her to look for another, more "correct" profession for self-realization.