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Date of Birth
28.06.1979 (45), Fergana

Real name
Zilola Musaeva.

Who by the sign of the zodiac


The talented singer Shahzoda has won over her admirers with her heartfelt voice and acting skills.

Creative Way

Since childhood, Zilola was fond of music, but in her youth, as well as many of her peers decided to master a serious profession, so she entered the KNU named after Taras Shevchenko at the Faculty of Management. But she did not study for a long time: the craving for singing took its own and she became a participant of Mr. Shevchenko. "Jonim". Having worked in the duet for several years, Zilola went on a solo "swimming" and then was born in Shahzod.

The popularity grew rapidly. Shahzoda's concerts attracted more and more listeners each time. Tours to cities of the homeland, and later to nearby foreign countries, began. At the same time, she worked in the studio and soon presented the albums:

  • "Bor Ekan";
  • "Baxt Bo'ladi";
  • "Keragimsan";
  • "Faqat sen";
  • "Baxtliman."

The distinctive feature of Shahzoda's hits is uniqueness and original pitching. Performing, she adjusts everything - mimics, outfits, scenery to the sounding song and as a result, she gets an unusual and bright show.

Shahzoda's film career has been developing since the first half of the 2000s. Movies were released with her:

  • "Sarvinosis";
  • "Sevinch."
  • "Fatima and Zuhra";
  • "Zoomrad and Kimmat."
  • "Seizure."
  • "Oh, Maryam, Maryam" and others.

Today, she continues to make films, producing new compositions and clips.

Shahzoda: family life

The son of Salih grows from his previous marriage. Now married to Ravshanbek Yuldashev, they have a child in common - Khalid.



Interesting facts

  1. Often compared with the singer and girlfriend Rayhon.
  2. Recorded a joint track DJ Smash - "Between Heaven and Earth", and a remix of it, with Timati.
  3. She sang with Sean Bey, Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev and "Accent" band.