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Sanjar Madi

Sanjar Madi

Date of Birth
04.08.1986 (37), Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Sanjar Madi is a popular actor in domestic and foreign films. Each hero played by him is unique and inimitable whether he is romantic love or a powerful ruler.

Creative Way

Sanjar's parents did everything to give their son a decent education. He graduated from the Linguistic Gymnasium, then the Economics Department of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. At the same time, the young man entered KazNAI, where he began his studies as a theatre director. The process ended in the USA - in New York Film Academy (Los Angeles).

Having received several diplomas, the young artist began to act in films. In 2009, he made his debut in the detective "The Backside", in which he had the opportunity to play Operative Commissioner Nurtas. It was she who initiated the formation of Sanzhar's image of a superhero.

In 2011, the artist appeared on the screens in the film almanac "My Heart - Astana". This was followed by "Ghost Hunting", "Girlfriends" and "Walking a Horse". In 2016 he played in the fantastic action movie "Defenders". To prepare for this film, Sanjaru Madi had to attend classes in Wushu and acrobatics, learn to work with knives and perform dangerous stunts. One of his most successful works is the TV series "The Golden Horde". There he performed the role of the Mongolian khan Mengu-Temir.

In the summer of 2019, a new film with Sanzhar Madi was released - "Bloody Transit". It is a witty story about the complex relationship between two representatives of the crime syndicate, in which the police suddenly intervened. 

Sanjar Madi: Family life

Sanjar met his future wife in 2012 in one of the social networks. The man wrote to the girl a couple of lines, although he was not sure what she would say: in fact, they were not really familiar. However, Moldir responded, and he asked her out. So they had a romantic relationship, which lasted two years. In the end, there was a wedding. Today, the couple is raising Umai's daughter.


Interesting facts:

  1. I've said more than once that I'd like to be able to heal the sick with a touch. His spiritual aspiration is to take away the negative from good people and give it to the bad because the good should overcome the evil.
  2. Madiev's workability amazes directors: he is able to work up to 20 hours a day.
  3. Sanzhar dreams of making a serious historical picture himself, based on real events.