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Ramzat Balakishiev

Ramzat Balakishiev

Date of Birth
09.12.1987 (36), Petropavlovsk

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Nur-Sultan Theatre Astana-Opera boasts a whole galaxy of young talented vocalists, and one of the brightest is considered tenor Ramzat Balakishiev.

Creative Way

From his own memories, he started singing when he was six. After graduating from school, Ramzat entered the Petropavlovsk College of Art. He decided to take part in competitions of young talents only for the fourth year and took third place, at the republican competition in Astana. After that, Ramzat Balakishiev decided to continue his studies in the capital. The beginner tenor went through a strict selection in the creative team of Astana-Opera.

His debut on the big stage took place in 2014 in the opera "Carmen", where he performed one of the secondary roles. In 2018 the Astana Opera company went on tour to Europe, and it included Ramzat Balakishiev for the first time. The concert was held in Italian Genoa.

Ramzat Balakishiev: family life

In 2015, Ramzat is married to a girl named Akmaral, whom he dated for a long time. In 2016, a young couple had a son.

Interesting facts

  1. Ramzat considers his best work the play "Abai", where he embodies two characters at once.
  2. The singer prefers to play the characters in the background, but he also succeeds in the main roles as well: for example, Goro in Madame Butterfly or Shege in Kyz Zhibek.
  3. Played the Chinese Emperor Altoum.