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Oksana Davydenko

Oksana Davydenko

Date of Birth
08.02.1984 (40), Almaty

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Opera singer

With a rich mezzo-soprano, Oksana Dovydenko becomes a decoration of any concert.

Creative Way

It started when Oksana was a little girl when she went to music school in piano class. Then she studied at the Academy named after A. Dnishev, where her father took her. In the same year, 2001, she entered the preparatory department of the Vocal Arts Department to become a pupil of S. Kurmangalieva.

In 2007, having already become a postgraduate student, she was accepted as an intern in the troupe of the Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Since then, Oksana's stage career has begun. In 2008, she was awarded the title of a diploma winner at the "Romansiada" competition; in 2011, she became a diploma winner at the 14th Tchaikovsky International Competition in Moscow; in 2015, she received the long-awaited role of Carmen.

Davydenko's repertoire is rich. She does not stop on reached and wants to act in Milan, on stage "La Scala".

Oksana Davydenko: family life

Parents of the opera diva engineers. Beautiful voices were all men of the family. Oksana Davydenko's husband is a cellist. He always supports his wife in everything. The couple has a son for whom Oksana forgot about the stage for two years. It was a conscious step, as the singer treats everything with great responsibility.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2017 she worked on the part of Pauline in "The Queen of Spades" under the direction of Italian conductor Mark Boehme.
  2. She has performed in Greece and India.
  3. Oksana loves rock and even dreamed of becoming a rock singer. Fate was different, and she still listens to "heavy music".