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Ninety One

Ninety One



Kazakhstan K-pop group

Ninety One is a genre of this band that can be described as K-pop, but they also have western electro-pop and hip-hop.  This band bravely mixes styles and sings songs filled with a deep meaning message.  

Creative Way

The first participants of the future team of ZaQ and A.Z. - winners of the K-Top Idols project. After the casting, Alem and Bala were chosen to attract performers. Ace, who had an internship at the South Korean agency SM-Entertainment, closed the top five. Initially, the boyband was created as "KTI-boys and W". When they debuted, they changed their name to the usual Ninety One.

Released in "YouTube", the clip of "Ayyptam" ("Don't reproach") rather quickly aroused the interest of listeners and for 20 weeks was located on the leading positions of Kazakhstan charts. The single was followed by a mini-album. However, the reaction of the audience was ambiguous, many negatively perceived the unusual in their opinion, images of guys. In some areas, the hooligans even managed to disrupt the concerts. Not afraid of obstacles, overcoming them step by step, the musicians continue to work.

The second hit was "Kaitadan" composition, which was broadcast even in Turkey. At the same time, the soundtrack to the film "Glamour for the Fool" - "Kalay Karaysyn" ("How do you look at it?) was released, making the team even more famous.

The texts are written by the guys themselves. All their works are performed in their native language, contributing to its popularization. Kazakhstan hosts annual tours of major cities, "Ninety One" always performs at the main q-pop festival.

Interesting facts

  1. The name of the band "91" is symbolic: it represents the formation of independence of Kazakhstan.
  2. The symbol of the fandom is "Eagles", a famous majestic bird depicted on the flag of the native country.
  3. Introduced new concepts in Q-pop, replacing the Korean ones. Like "bope" instead of "macnae".
  4. On August 24, 2017, a documentary story about "Ninety One" was filmed.