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Miyagi and Andy Panda

Miyagi and Andy Panda

Date of Birth
01.01.2015 (9),

Vladikavkaz, Russia

Miyagi and Endgame band is a duet from Vladikavkaz producing tracks in rap and reggae style. The guys met in 2013 and then recorded their first joint hits. Two years later, they formed a band.

Creative way

Myagi (Azamat Kuzayev) started rapping since 2007. For six years he recorded solo tracks until he joined the Dope Records association. There he gained recognition and earned popularity among listeners.

Endshpil (Soslan Burnatsev) became passionate about music in 2011. After releasing several successful hits, the singer met many artists and joined Dope Records.

The debut official creation can be considered "Sanavabich", which has received positive feedback from the audience. It was followed by collaborations with LJ ("Music") and Caspian Cargo ("Releases").

In 2016 the debut Hajime album was released, consisting of two parts: 9 and 8 songs respectively. After the release of the vinyl, the artists focused on releasing singles and collaborating with other stars.

In 2019 Burnatsev announced the change of his nickname. The guy performs under the nickname Andy Panda.

Interesting facts

The music video for "I Got Love" has become the most popular among musicians from the CIS, having approximately 350 million views on YouTube.
The song "My Half" is the most listened to in social networks among domestic singers.
The band operates under its own label Hajime Records, established in 2017, and also attracts promising performers under its wing.
The band ceased its activities after Miyagi's son fell out the window and died in 2017. The band Miyagi and Endgame gave their first concert only nine months after the tragedy.