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Not so long ago the Kazakh variety was joined by another beautiful band - "Newton", a band that performs great works in the genre of Q-pop.

Creative Way

Kazakhstan's boy band started in 2017. They chose a sound name. If translated from English, it turns out "New Sound", and if you do not think about the meaning, the name is taken after the famous scientist.

The backbone of "Newton" consists of three guys, in the beginning, there were five of them, but some of them decided to develop independently. The remaining vocalists, Rakhimov Akim, Belgibayev Genghis, Otynshin Ruslan Madiyaruly, despite their young age, show not a dozen of work capacity and skillfully "light up" the audience. The guys have recognizable nicknames: Akim, Shyn, Otty.


When their video for the song "Zhalyktym" was released, it was an unexpected success among young people. It's true that Young Khan was also in the band back then. Now the band continues to work actively and try to please the fans with new hits as often as possible. In addition, the band "Newton" gave a concert not only in the capital of Kazakhstan but also in other cities.

Band Newton: family life

All the guys in the band are pretty young, nobody has a family. But the singers are surrounded by girls who worship them. However, the main place is not relations, but the development of creativity.


Interesting facts

  1. Rakhimov Akeem loves football, is ready to take to the field to chase the ball, but there is not always enough time for such a hobby.
  2. Genghis is the youngest in the group but has mastered several musical instruments: guitar, drum, violin, and piano. He bought his first guitar with the money he earned at his brother's car wash.
  3. To become a member of the "Newton" band Ruslan lost almost 20 kg.
  4. Producer Timur Baktybaev leads the team.