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Formed by their best friends, the Mysterions band became popular not only for their lyrical songs but also for the bright image of their vocalists.

Creative Way

The participants of the group met at football training. United by their love for music, they came to the eyes of producer Jazira Muradova. Under her leadership, the young performers recorded the hit "Not Together" and immediately broke out on the leading lines of radio charts.

As it happens, in such groups, every singer has an image that he should follow: positive Dilien (by the way, all texts for Mysterions are written by him), courageous Arman and romantic Illyas.

The guys are actively touring. The Mysterions concert in China was the first step in promoting the band on new "venues". This was followed by a performance in Los Angeles in 2012.

Mysterions: family life

Dilien for a long time hid from fans details of his private life, but in 2018 he admitted that he was married and soon their family will be added. Another Mysterions member, Arman, married the singer, actress and TV presenter Asha Mathai. Illias also has a wife, their wedding took place in 2016.

Interesting facts

  1. Faced with criticism at the beginning of their careers, the guys were not afraid, but began to work harder: in their own words, they "started dancing lessons in the morning and finished at night.
  2. They consider football to be the same creative work as music.
  3. The band got its name after a photoshoot in China: the watermark of M. studio remained on the photos.
  4. Despite its ten-year history, the band has only one studio album.